Introducing KS-975W

Security Camera

Optional security camera multiple units x 1,000 sq ft area covering and WiFi increases security

Quick Charge

Quickly charged by 975W /1300W high-efficiency solar panel or backup 110V on-grid power

Made in USA

Proudly made in the U.S.A and can be towed with SUV or fit into airplane to deploy anywhere in the world

No Pollution

No Sound, No fuel, No Power Line, No Trenching and it is portable

Working Hours

40 hours of Bright Backup


Schedule 24/7 multiple lighting on /off using timer feature


20,000/40,000 lumens of LED lighting covers 700-1000 sq ft area.

Battery Backup

9.6 KwH batteries provide longer backup

Core features of KS-975W

Our LED Solar Light Towers can last up to 40-50 hours straight per charge. Our Solar Light Towers can also be used as a 9.75KW solar battery pack with 110V AC outlets.  No Hassle! No Fumes! No Emissions!  No Noise!, Little to No Maintenance!

Suitable locations: Construction, Military, Musical Light and Sound Stage,  Event, Parking Lot, Farming, Festivals, Disaster, Holiday Celebration.

Our NEW Surveillance Solar Light Tower kicks butt. Up to 4 camera on each light tower and has minimum 1TB hard drive storage (about 2-3weeks 24/7) and with LIVE STREAM to your phone.

Other optional feature’s include Audio broadcast (input and output).

  • NoFumes, NoNoise
  • Energy-Efficient lights
  • Telescoping 20-foot mast
  • Silent Battery Power
  • Manual or Automatic photocell-controlled ON/OFF
  • Automatic Solar Charging
  • Trailer,2 wheels type
  • Pneumatic or Mechanical flying options
  • Flying mast is between 6′ ~ 20′
  • Different sorts of light options
  • Built-in Security Lock
  • Built-in Security Camera Bracket

Rental Pricing (per day)